sábado, 29 de marzo de 2008

Polish Visions (better late than never)

Let's have a look at what my camera saw in Poland
(Travelling alone gives you plenty of time to take photos. This is only a small sample of 600 pictures)

Wieliczka (Salt mines)

I took this picture from the train going to the salt mines. It was snowing really hard, that's why this strange and blurred atmosphere

This one too

The place is pretty dark and claustrophobic. I don't know why but it is cold and windy 2oo meters below ground

This photo was a mistake, i used the flash and the camera was in the wrong colour balance... anyway i think i like it.

Here with the right balance

There is a huge church down there.

hanging lamps in the church


View through the window of the main watchtower

train tracks

just a window

just an old charming man

barbed wire is kind of common there


I don't want to know what was the use of this

They maintain the shoes from the victims. Also tonnes of hair, pictures... and many of their personal belongings.

also their hair and toothbrushes

Jazz concert In KRAKOW

Shoes and jazz at Alchemia (best jazz club in Krakow)

Some captures

Spotlight in the concerts' room



The same spotlight from other point of view

Let's see a bit of Krakow
sorry, i couldn't make this sequence bigger, click on it.

The tram (best way to move around the city)

this sign is kind of strange/funny

old colours, the shop looks quite 80's

Cleaning up the windows

Bus, car, old woman


I like it

telephone box

Bloody sunset...

Woman walking her dog

so... the trip is over

Thanks my Italian friends Pietro, Artur, Marcello, Teo and... il dentista.

Grazie Amici. I hope I'll see you again some day.

martes, 11 de marzo de 2008

Family comes to CPH

Life is inside a handful of dummies

where is the fourth beatle??

somewhere in the clouds...

mum is blowing in the wind

snow bikes

cold and canals

snow-covered building in front of my house... that night was tremendously cold

Don't they look like lovely?

What is this funny duck doing here???

The photo she was waiting for... this is for u mamma.

Snowing in my street x2

Saying hi

smoke and chimneys

beatriz at kalaset with angry face

I shouldn't say that i love this photo, but actually i do.

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